Hooked on Phonics


Claire is quite officially reading now, perhaps thanks mostly to Leapfrog DVDs and Scholastic BOB books. Every evening as we sit and pore over books together (my English-teacher and mommy heart rejoice as one), Adam grows more and more interested in what we’re doing. Though “historically” Adam has enjoyed monkeying all over the bunkbeds more than storytime each evening, suddenly he’s showing great interest as Claire makes sense and stories of these not-so-mysterious-anymore letters. He’s almost four and really bright, so I thought, “Hey, let’s give this a shot.” And so ensued the following conversation in song (for any mom out there who knows Tad as well, you know this drill):

Mom: “The M says…”

Adam: “mmmm”

Mom: “The A says…”

Adam: “aaaa”

Mom: “The P says…”

Adam: “pppp”

Mom: “mmmm-aaaaa-pppp, mmmm-aaaaa-pppp, mmmm-aaaaa-pppp [faster], mmmm-aaaaa-pppp…”

Adam: “FROG!!!!”

About cashclan

Lisa is a grateful, born-again follower of Jesus Christ who has spent her adult life on the Gospel in several global contexts. She is the wife of one wonderful, jungle-gym of a man, who is to her the single most ravishing piece of flesh on planet earth (stolen good-heartedly from Christine Caine). She is a dedicated home educator to their four beautiful children, ages 6 to 12, whom she would be happy to gush over any time. She is an avid reader and a storyteller, an aspiring writer, a missionary to the nations and a singer of His praises, a loyal friend, an obsessive-compulsive Googler, and comedienne extraordinaire on her best days. She would also like to think that she is a loyal and loving, truth-telling friend.
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