Lofty Aspirations


An excerpt from a conversation on the way to school:

Claire: Mom, I don’t want to be a princess in a high tower anymore when I grow up. I think I’ll be a doctor or a singer.

Mom: Why’s that, honey?

Claire: Because of the dragons.

Mom: You mean like in Shrek?

Claire: And Sleeping Beauty. And that movie we just saw. (Enchantment–that WAS a scary scene, btw!)

Mom:  Well, babe, I’m happy to tell you that, actually, dragons are just pretend. They’re not real! Just in the movies.

Claire: Really?

Mom: Really!

Claire: Okay then. I’ll be a princess in a high tower then.

Adam: (previously sucking his thumb and clutching Munchy): I wanna be a dad goat.

I LOVE IT!!! You can’t make this stuff up, you know?

About cashclan

Lisa is a grateful, born-again follower of Jesus Christ who has spent her adult life on the Gospel in several global contexts. She is the wife of one wonderful, jungle-gym of a man, who is to her the single most ravishing piece of flesh on planet earth (stolen good-heartedly from Christine Caine). She is a dedicated home educator to their four beautiful children, ages 6 to 12, whom she would be happy to gush over any time. She is an avid reader and a storyteller, an aspiring writer, a missionary to the nations and a singer of His praises, a loyal friend, an obsessive-compulsive Googler, and comedienne extraordinaire on her best days. She would also like to think that she is a loyal and loving, truth-telling friend.
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2 Responses to Lofty Aspirations

  1. Starr says:

    Just a plain ol’ goat would have been hysterical. The addition of a “dad” goat is just awesome. I would love to get inside their little heads for a day to see what thoughts lead up to these declarations!

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