5 Year-Olds Can Be Pretty Smart


Claire went on an overnight excursion with her class at Japanese Kindergarten a couple days ago, a tradition for final-year students, and a culmination of the yochien experience. I had been warned by several Japanese moms that kids WOULD cry bring away from their moms for 2 days. And that especially at bedtime most of the Japanese kids would cry, for being away from their moms. There was even a meeting at the school about the trip, part of which revolved around the moms worrying about this very thing. So I bought it, of course, and warned Claire accordingly; afterall, many Japanese moms sleep in the same BED as their kids, and have seriously never separated from their 5 year-olds, except for the 4 hours a day they’re at school. So I gave Claire a little pep talk, telling her to be strong if this happened, and not to let the other kids’ crying make her cry!

So after I picked her up on Thursday afternoon, she told me all about her great time over ice cream. The greatest tidbit from that conversation? She informed me that NONE of the kids cried at all the entire trip. I was surprised and asked her about bedtime. She said not even one kids cried at night. Hmph! was about all I said. And then there was a long pause, in which Claire was obviously thinking. Then she said it,

“Mom, I think the moms just THINK their kids cry when they’re away from them.”

About cashclan

Lisa is a grateful, born-again follower of Jesus Christ who has spent her adult life on the Gospel in several global contexts. She is the wife of one wonderful, jungle-gym of a man, who is to her the single most ravishing piece of flesh on planet earth (stolen good-heartedly from Christine Caine). She is a dedicated home educator to their four beautiful children, ages 6 to 12, whom she would be happy to gush over any time. She is an avid reader and a storyteller, an aspiring writer, a missionary to the nations and a singer of His praises, a loyal friend, an obsessive-compulsive Googler, and comedienne extraordinaire on her best days. She would also like to think that she is a loyal and loving, truth-telling friend.
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