Table Talk with Adam

On the evening of one’s birthday in this family, we have for dinner whatever the birthday boy/girl desires. It can either be homemade or at a restaurant. Yesterday was Claire’s 7th birthday, and she requested my 5-cheese Mac n’ cheese. (It’s awesome. And incredibly fattening. Oops.) So I made that for dinner last night, and as Adam was wolfing down his second silent bowl, he gratefully exclaimed,

“Claire, thank you so much for ordering this!”  I thought that was pretty funny.

Then this morning at breakfast, we were talking about what the kids do at recess and Adam told us about how he and his friends play Transformers. I asked him where they got the Transformers (since they’re not supposed to bring toys to school.) A good question! He looks at me with the classic “duh-mom! look,” (watch it, kid!)  and educates me,

“We ARE the transformers, Mom. I’m Optimus Prime.”

Okay, then! And why am I not the least bit surprised that this boy has finagled his way into the Optimus Prime role already. He’s turning out to be a delightful little Type A.

About cashclan

Lisa is a grateful, born-again follower of Jesus Christ who has spent her adult life on the Gospel in several global contexts. She is the wife of one wonderful, jungle-gym of a man, who is to her the single most ravishing piece of flesh on planet earth (stolen good-heartedly from Christine Caine). She is a dedicated home educator to their four beautiful children, ages 6 to 12, whom she would be happy to gush over any time. She is an avid reader and a storyteller, an aspiring writer, a missionary to the nations and a singer of His praises, a loyal friend, an obsessive-compulsive Googler, and comedienne extraordinaire on her best days. She would also like to think that she is a loyal and loving, truth-telling friend.
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