Introducing AmuZia… (VIDEOS inside!!)

Last night was a big night for me! For years, I’ve had this little dream in my heart of singing for a band. I’ve been listening to my favorite songs in my car and thinking, “I have to sing this song somewhere, someday, with this strange little ache I couldn’t shake!!!” But very suddenly, in the last month, it all just kinda happened and all the sudden I’m in a band. A homeschooling mom who’s in a band. A freak of nature, oh yeah, that’s me.

So last night we had our first gig! It actually happened really fast, the coming-together of a band. I was invited to open for this band about a month ago, but they wanted me to just sing with karaoke tracks. Yeah, that’s okay, but something in me said, “It’s time! Find them!!” 🙂 So I went on a little search, equipped with exactly ZERO knowledge of what I’d need to have a decent “band.” An eye doctor/Coldplay enthusiast keyboardist, an IT Specialist/Blues Brothers-style guitarist, my favorite worship pastor and pocketful of sunshine (and bass player!) in Japan, a spirited young sailor/drummer from our church (but he is on the ship right now, so we had the wonderfully kind Kumiko stand in for him last night–domo arigato gozaimasu, Kumiko!!!), and then a missionary/undercover guitar phenom. The pieces came together quickly and unexpectedly, just barely in time for last night. We actually had our first meet-the-band dinner and a brief rehearsal last Monday night, less than a week ago! And then the day before yesterday, we had an extended rehearsal early in the morning. And then last night, after only two practices, we stepped on stage, and….it was a blast!!! The name of our band is AmuZia, Our eye-doctor/keyboardist Lauren came up with it; AmuZia is a play on words, a double-entendre too (Amuse ya, get it?). Gotta love double entendres. (At least this nerdy English teacher warmed to it immediately!)

So I thought you MIGHT like to see some video of what a fun night we had! Here ya go! XOXO

And then here are the kids having an absolutely hysterical time dancing to the band we opened for:

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Lisa is a grateful, born-again follower of Jesus Christ who has spent her adult life on the Gospel in several global contexts. She is the wife of one wonderful, jungle-gym of a man, who is to her the single most ravishing piece of flesh on planet earth (stolen good-heartedly from Christine Caine). She is a dedicated home educator to their four beautiful children, ages 6 to 12, whom she would be happy to gush over any time. She is an avid reader and a storyteller, an aspiring writer, a missionary to the nations and a singer of His praises, a loyal friend, an obsessive-compulsive Googler, and comedienne extraordinaire on her best days. She would also like to think that she is a loyal and loving, truth-telling friend.
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2 Responses to Introducing AmuZia… (VIDEOS inside!!)

  1. VICKI EKLUND says:

    You did a great job! What fun that must be.

    And Ben, How adoreable. he didn’t know what to do when they formed a circle around him. And it was so cute when he and Adam held hands and danced.

    Your band sounds great! keep sending us videos of your concerts.

  2. Thanks, Mom! Ben was SOOOOOO cute!! I was laughing SO hard my stomach was hurting. This little minute and a half of it was just a little piece of the fun. The kids were adorable!! I’ll work on getting some more of them uploaded!!

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