Why This Life?

Quite simply, we live this unusual, somewhat-unsettled, “homeless” life because it’s what He has called us to. Before Keith and I even met each other, the Lord had called us each to the nations, when we were even too young to understand what that means. Honestly, we’re still trying to figure out what that means for us. We met at a pivotal time in our lives, both of us having a holy compulsion to spend our lives on the Gospel of Christ among the nations, specifically in places where the Gospel was not flourishing. We spent 9 years in Japan, “doing life” with this precious remnant of beautiful believers in Christ, having babies and watching with joy as they have grown into these fascinating little people, while simultaneously We poured ourselves out in Japan in any way we could. Then suddenly, our time was done there. Something snapped shut, and God moved us across the world to southern Germany, a dizzying and little-bit-disillusioning ripping away from the nation we have come to love so much. But immediately upon moving to Germany, He made it so evident that He is still sovereign, that He has a plan for us here too, that He’s not done with us. That it’s gonna be wild, it’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be for Him. That none of this is accidental. So we are raising our children across the world from the comforts of home and family and friends, which is mystifying to some people, I know. But it’s just what He has called us to. We don’t understand it completely, nor do we need to. We are just following His lead the very best that we can, and hoping to be His heart and hands to the nations wherever we are…

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